Sequoia NP Album
The park is located in eastern California in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains.  It is
404,064 acres in size and has
1.1 million visitors a year.  Mt. Whitney, the highest
mountain in the 48 states is located in the park.
Near the parking lot for General
Sherman Tree, we find 4 gigantic
Panoramic from the drive into
the park.
The park entrance into Sequoia.
Near the entrance is Tunnel Rock.
Moro Rock, altitude 6,725
Joanne checks out two giant Sequoia trees.
Joanne checks out two giant Sequoia trees.
The General Sherman
tree, the largest tree
in the world.
Near General Shreman's tree is
another large tree with burn
The trailhead of the hike to
General Sherman's tree.
Joanne at General
Sherman's tree.
The drive in Sequoia is very
We take another short hike
around the giant trees.
The Giant Forest Museum near
General Sherman's tree.
TThe Ash Mountain Entrance on
the west side.
Kaweah Valley--photo provided by a
friend.  Requires overnight camping.