Saguaro National Park Album
Saguaro NP is split into two parks about 50 miles apart.  They are the west and
the east Saguaro Parks
.  They are located about 15 miles from each side of
Tucson.  The parks are named for a type of cactus, the Saguaro but a better
name would be Cactus NP because there are so many different kinds of
cactus's growing in the park.  There are 820,000 visitors each year.
This photo was taken a couple miles into the
park well off the highway.  It represents
what much of the park looks like and it all
grew wild.  How many different kinds of
cactus are in this photo?
The entrance into the west park
about 10 miles west of Tuscon
A walk in Saguaro National Park west.
It was a rare rainy day when we
visited the park.  Fortunately it was
only a slow sprinkle
The large cactus are the
Saguaro cactus.  They are
the predominant species.