Petrified Forest NP Album
The park is located in Arizona.    It is 146,000 acres in size and is
visited bt 650,000 people a year.  The park has many hues of color
as well as many petrified logs which gives the park its name.
The Rainbow Forest Museum
and Visitor Center located by
the south entrance to the park.
This petrified tree is one of the
largest found in the park.
The Agate Bridge is a petrified
tree which creates the largest
natural bridge in the park.
The Blue Mesa area
Joanne at the General Grant
The Rainbow Forest Visitor
Center had a large number of
petrified trees around the area.
This cactus resembles a
Joanne inside the tree.
At the Big Stump Entrance
The parks north entrance.
The Painted Desert Visitor Center.
Chinde Point view point of the
Painted Desert.
Ravens can be love birds to.
The Painted Desert Inn is a
trading post turned into a
The rooms in the Painted
Desert Inn have been
painted Southwest style.
The cafe is 50's style in the
The view from Pintado Point.
The next 5 photos are from the
Blue Mesa area.
The trailhead for hiking the 1 mile
trail in the Blue Mesa area.
The Chinle Formation near
the Tepees area
Throughout the park there are
many areas of petrified trees.
Some cactus were beginning
to bloom.
A view from a higher elevation
after leaving the park.
Arizona sunset.
The walkway near the south
Visitor Center
The map of the Blue Mesa
hiking trail.