Kings Canyon NP Album
The park is located in eastern California in the Sierra Nevada
Mountains.  It is 461
,901 acres in size and has over 500,000
visitors a year.  It shares boundries with Sequoia NP.  This visit
was only a drive to the General Grant tree.  
Kings Canyon has many groves of the
Giant Sequoia tree.
A short drive into the park is this
parking lot near the General Grant
Map of Kings Canyon NP.
The Big Stump entrance
Joanne at the General Grant
The Sequoia lives longer than
the Red
wood tree, 3200 years vs
2000.  The Redwood grows taller
380' vs 311'.
The deer are very tame in the
Joanne at a hollowed out
Sequoia near General Grants
Joanne inside the tree.
At the other end which
included roots.
At the Big Stump Entrance