Grand Canyon National Park Album
The Grand Canyon NP main entrance is located near Williams, AZ.  
The park covers an area of 1.2 million acres and has 4.3 million
visitors a year.  It is 10 miles long and a mile deep.
The main south entance near
Williams, AZ.
The canyon from Hopi Point.
The canyon from Yaki Point.
Grand View, considered the best
view in the park.
The building on the left is part of
Bright Angel Lodge.
There are many Elk in the park.
Desert View had a trading post.
Desert View on the east side of
the park.
Hermits Rest trading post.
The viewing area at Desert View.
The park rangers use horses.
The vegetation struggles
in the arid climate.
This part of the park is accessable only by the park bus or walking.
This is the best part of the South Rim viewing.