Glacier Bay NP Album
Glacier Bay is located in the panhandle of Alaska.  When it was
discovered in 1750 the glaciers came out into the bay 50 miles
further than they do today.  It is 3.3 million acres of pure nature
and is visited by 432,000 a year.
The mountains rise 9000 feet at
The park entrance from the sea.
Margerie Glacier is a mile across
and the largest glacier in the park.
Our ship approaching one of the
many glaciers.
Margerie Glacier is constantly
calving ice.  It makes a sharp
cracking sound.
One of the cruise ships viewing
the park.
The sharp rise of the mountains
from shoreline is unique to this
The ice from the glacier creates
many iceburgs.
The ice is blue and crystal clean
after centuries in the glacer.