Crater Lake National Park Album
Crater Lake is located near Medford, Oregon.  It has a depth of
943 feet.  The park is 183,000 acres in area and has 425,000
visitors each year.   These photos were taken on June 10.
The south entrance to the park.
Crater Lake, decorated with a veil
of fog and a layer of snow.
The area gets hundreds of inches
of snow each year.
The visitor center near the south
The lodge near the lake.
Crater Lakes deep blue color is
created by the depth of the lake.
Wizard Island on the left is also the
cauldron of a small volcano.
The lake was a large mountain
named Mt. Mizama.  
The mountain erupted in 5700 BC
leaving this giant crater.

Crater Lake is the second deepest
lake in North America and the 9th
deepest lake in the world.