Carlsbad Caverns National Park Album
The entrance to the park is 7 miles
from the cave.
There were no colored lights in
the cave.
The Visitor Center is located
800' above the Big Room.  It is
accessable from the Visitor
Center by elevator.
The Big Room is 4000' long.  We
will only be in that part until we
we do the 1.2 mile hike out the
cave entrance.
Joanne enters the Big Room
near the elevator.
The cave was very dark and needed time exposures to photograph.
Our deepest penetration into
the cave.  We turned around at
this point to take the path on
the other side of the Big Room
as we went back.
Carlsbad Caverns is located near Carlsbad, New Mexico.  The park has
over 450,000 visitors each year.  The main part of the cave is called the
Big Room.  It is 4000' long and at its widest 625' wide and at its highest is
255' high.  The Big Room is located 800' below the Visitor Center.
The largest columns in the cave.
The only water we saw--being in
the desert there was not even
water dripping from above.
This area is called "The Rock of
We start the 1.2 mile, 800' vertical rise
to the cave entrance.
The path at times was very
We see light at the end of the
tunnel--the cave's natural
The entrance path out was quite
The park has built a huge
amphitheater for viewing the
thousands of bats that leave
the cave at sunset.  The bats
had mostly gone south in a
normal migration and were
expected to return in March.
A diorama of the cave in the
Visitor Center.