Capital Reef National Park Album
The east entrance to the park
Capital Reef Visitor Center
The park is full of scenic canyons
There are Petroglyph's here.
This was named "The Fluted Wall"
Valley near the west entrance
Typical scenery along the road
Capital Reef NP is located near Torrey, Utah.  The park has 242,000 acres
and is visited by 670,000 people each year.
Typical scenery along the road
This is a replica of the first home
of a settler in the area.  The Elijah
Behunin family of 10 built their
home in 1882.  They had a flash
flood that washed out their crops
and had to leave the area
Some of the Petroglyph's found in
the park
The drive through this park is
scenic all the way