Upheaval Dome Hike
Pothole Point Hike
Elephant Head Hike
South Canyonlands (Needles area)
North Canyonlands (Islands in the Sky")
Canyonlands National Park Album
North Canyonlands Entrance
Mesa Arch
View through Mesa Arch
View from the Visitor Center
Grand View Point
Grand View to the west
South Canyonlands Entrance
South Visitor Center
View approaching the south
Canyonland NP Hikes
Elephant Hill Trailhead
Elephant Hill Parking lot
The trail starts by climbing
to the top of the ridge
The trail follows a crevice with
elephant rocks in the background
The rock at the top of the ridge
is very layered
In the 100+ degree heat we
head back
Pothole Point Trailhead
A very strange rock formation
The trail follows a ridge
View from the ridge
At the turning point to circle back.  
Note that the rocks are gray.
The Pothole Point Trail is
Unusual rock formations were
all along the entire trail
Upheaval Dome Trailhead
The domes left side view
A center view of the dome at
the far end of the trail
A view moving further to
the right
Canyonlands NP is made up of two parts: North Canyonlands which is
called "Islands in the Sky" and South Canyonlands which is called "The
Needles".  The park has 474,000 acres and is visited by 338,000 people a
year.  It is located south of Moab, Utah.
How the hike got its name!
Even the view along the
roadway was great
Needles Overlook
The staircase to the layered rock
Even the view along the
roadway was great
Needles Overlook
A stop along the road
The North Visitor Center
Mesa Arch