Yankee Boy Basin Album
Yankee Boy Basin is an 8 mile drive out of  Ouray.  In July of 2015
the wildflowers were probably as good as it gets.
Monkshood Wildflower
We start the drive back
Approaching Ouray
The drive starts with a river
The following are all photos from the Twin Falls area of Yankee Boy Basin
A couple miles up the road there
is mining
Panoramic of the Twin Falls area of Yankee Boy Basin. (large)
We end at Ouray
After about 5 miles we stop at the
Twin Falls
The road was a typical mountain
road which is snowed in all winter
and has very little maintenance.
The road follows a steep canyon
with many one lane areas
Panoramic looking southeast
Looking west toward the Twin
Looking north of the Twin Falls
The Twin Falls
Panoramic looking southeast
Looking downriver from the Twin
The Twin Falls area. (large)
The Twin Falls area. (large)
Photos from Yankee Boy Basin
The view just kept getting better as
we drove up Yankee Boy Road