Beckwith Pass Hike Album
Beckwith Pass is 2 miles up the Cliff Creek Trail west of Crested Butte.
It is a 4 mile roundtrip hike with an elevation gain of 400'.
At Beckwith Pass looking east.
The Cliff Creek trailhead.
Beckwith Pass looking west.
This Miners Lantern wildflower
was as big as pinetrees.
The first mile was mostly
in Aspen tree.
The view to the east.
Along Gothic Road we encounter
a Porcupine.
The CMC looking for a photo!
Keebler Pass on the way back to
Crested Butte has a monument to
the pioneers.
All along Keebler Pass there
were massive wildflower fields.
We get back to Crested Butte.  South of Crested Butte is an
abandoned pioneer farm.