Durango to Ouray Drive Album
This is a scenic wildflower drive during the summer.  These photos
were taken in July of 2015.
Panoramic of Molas Pass (large)
Molas Pass pond.
The city of Silverton (large)
A Pinkerton Mineral Springs near
Farm near Durango
About 25 miles from Durango we
find spectacular fields of daisys.
The daisy's were massive!
Downtown Silverton
Andrews Lake
One of the cafes has a piano
Motorcyclists on a afternoon
Little Molas Lake
Panoramic overlooking Ouray
and the road to Yankee Boy
Basin.  (large)
Lookout Point overlooking Ouray
Bear Creek Falls
Bear Creek
Bear Creek
North of Silverton there are
many mines. (large)
The mountains and rivers are red
from the minerals.
Near Ouray the road is built on
the edge of a canyon.
Sunlight Peak
Snowdon Peak
Posing at Bear Creek Falls
Twilight Peak
Sunlight Peak from the