Shrine Ridge Trail Hike Album
Shrine Ridge hike is near Vail Pass and goes to Sloane Mountain.  This is a 5.23
mile roundtrip hike from 11,142 feet altitude to 11,820 for a vertical rise of 678 feet.  
Hiked on July 21, 2016 and with Joanne on July 18, 2018
and July 30, 2019.
Wildflowers are very prevelant on
Shrine Ridge Trail on July 21, 2016
The parking lot and trailhead
Next an area of trees and again
Soon we are going above
Map of  western Summit County
Soon we come to large rock
outcroppings to the northeast.
The view to the west of Holy
Cross Wilderness.
The view to the west and Holy
Cross Wilderness.
The trailhead of Shrine Ridge
Trail #2016
First we pass through a meadow
with Copper Mountain Ski
Resort to the southeast.
As the trail goes north there are
different wildflowers.
Here the flowers are mostly
Paintbrush of all colors.
The trail continues on a ridge
going north.
Another high overlook comes in
The overlook views to the
On the overlook at the far point
of the hike.
Panoramic from the overlook
looking to the south.
Starting back a view to the west
of Holy Cross Wilderness.
Closeup of a Paintbrush field with
Holy Cross Mountain.
Holy Cross Mountain
The trail going south still above
The trail brings us back to the
meadow and the end of the 5.2
mile hike.
Another of Holy Cross
The trailhead from the
parking lot
The trailhead from the
parking lot
Joanne hiking Shrine Ridge in 2018
There was allot of Elephant
Head wildflowers
There were allot of  wildflowers
The high altitude bees are
very different
The valley to the east
We reach the Shrine Ridge
We climb the steepest part of
the trail
Joanne tries to count the
varieties of wildflowers
Typical trail on the ridge
The view to our east
We continue up the ridge
We stop to enjoy the view
from the overlook peak
The end of Shrine Ridge to
the north
We start back
But we must stop and smell the
roses.  What a wonderful day!
We find a perfect Elephant Head and a perfect Monkshood
We pass through the fields of wildflowers and Craig marvels at
Joanne's accomplishment-5.23 miles and all over 11,140 feet altitude!
On July 30, 2019 the snow was
just going after a very big snow
On July 30, 2019 the
wildflowers were a month
behind as they just got out
from under the snow
Joanne hiking Shrine Ridge in 2019