Mayflower Gulch Hike 8/25/08 & 07/10/15
Mayflower Gulch was a 4 mile roundtrip hike with a vertical rise of
547 feet.  It is located south of Copper Mt.
The valley of Mayflower Gulch has long abandoned log
A beautiful portrait from the
view of a pioneers log cabin.
Joanne in 2008--the snow was
The view as we approached the
mined area.
The Mayflower Gulch trailhead.
Panoramic of the entire valley of
Mayflower Gulch.
We meet an honest to goodness
gold prospector.  He showed us
his finds.
This creek still has specks of
gold in it.
Looking west.
Looking east.
The cabins looking west.
The wildflowers are still in mostly
the bud stage in 2015.
One last look back as we leave.
The view to the west as we get
back to the car.
Joanne finds a new, never
before seen wildflower.
Abandoned log cabin on the side
of the mountain
Panoramic of the entire valley of Mayflower Gulch.
Mayflower Gulch on July 8th,