Estes Cone Hike 06/18/2013
This hike starts at the Long Peak Ranger Station in Rocky
Mountain NP.  It goes to an elevation of 11,006 feet for a vertical
climb of 1538 feet and a distance of 6.67 miles.
The trailhead of the 6.8 mile hike.
Remains of gold mine at the half way
Trail in Bristlecone Pine area.
View from the summit to the west.
Rangers working on trail.
The destination, Estes Cone Peak.
Meeker Mountain on the left and
Longs Peak on the right.
Estes Cone has many
Bristlecone Pine trees.
Panoramic from the summit to the west.  
View of Estes Cone from the
Approaching the summit.
The only stream to cross is by the gold mine.
At the summit looking toward RMNP.
Tailings from the gold mine next to
the creek.
The last stretch was very
serious climbing.