Chasm Lake Hike 7/15/08 & 8/11/10
Chasm Lake is on Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountain National
Park.  This hike was a roundtrip hike of 9.2 miles from 9,499 feet
altitude to 11,857 for a vertical rise of 2358 feet.
The Longs Peak Ranger Station
is the trailhead.
Columbine Falls--The snow field
we must cross is to the right of
the waterfall.
A Ranger hut before the trail
ascends to Chasm Lake.
The most elusive, skittish creature
in the mountains--the Pika.
At the bottom of the snowfield is the
turquoise colored Peacock Pool.
To get to Chasm Lake required
crossing a snowfield with a 75% grade
located just above the waterfall.
Chasm Lake, our destination.
A final look back at Longs
Peak from the east.
The final climb to Chasm Lake.
We start the 5 mile hike back.
Half way up the final climb. (2010)
The trail follows a cliff above
Columbine  Falls. (2010)
Longs Peak from the west.
View of Longs Peak from Twin
SIsters Mts.
The hut was destroyed by an
avalanche in this photo in 2010.
Peacock Lake and Columbine
Falls.  (2010)
The turquoise colored Peacock
Lake in 2010.
A final look back at Columbine
Falls.  (2010)