The Emerald Lake Trail hike goes to four lakes starting from Bear
Lake then Nymph, Dream and finally Emerald Lake.  The 4.5 mile
roundtrip hike had a vertical climb of 820 feet.
The largest of the four lakes,
Bear Lake.
Nymph Lake had many water
Dream Lake is really one of the
most scenic lakes in Colorado.
The trail was very well
constructed and very scenic.
Longs Peak from the west.
The trail crossed the creek a
couple times.
Emerald Lake was surrounded
by cliffs and very difficult to
Emerald Lake Hike in RMNP
Emerald Lake and
Hallett Peak
Emerald Lake during the winter.  See Emerald
Lake Winter Hike Album.
Nymph Lake looking west toward
Emerald Lake
and Hallets Peak.
Dream Lake looking west toward
Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake panoramic
Hike of 9/29/2010
Hike of 6/28/2016
Nymph Lake looking southeast
toward Longs Peak
The trailhead at Bear Lake
Longs Peak from the west.
Longs Peak from the trail.
Joanne and Longs Peak.
Between Nymph Lake and Dream
They never knew it would be a
kiss seen around the world.
Dream Lake from the west side.
North side of Emerald Lake
West side of Emerald Lake
Water was falling all around
Emerald Lake
As we leave one last look at
Nymph Lake
There are many waterfalls and
stream crossings on the hike.