St. Mary's Lake and Glacier Hike
& 09/28/2020
The hike was 4.07 miles from 10,482 feet to 11,832 feet for a vertical
climb of 1350 feet.  It included the glacier which is actually a snow
field.  Following very dry winters it has been known to totally melt
in the summer.
 It is 3 miles roundtrip to top of glacier.
A view of the northside of the
lake and glacier.
We used the snow to walk up on
as it was easier than on the rock
Highest point on the hike at
above treeline 11,832 altitude.
The lake is kept full by the glacier
The approach to the glacier with
Fox Mt in the background.
A view looking down on the lake
from the snow.
View of the lake from above.
One final look back at Fox Mt. as
we leave St. Mary's Lake and
A view of the southside of the
lake and glacier.
View of the lake from above.
The creek crossing as we go up
to the glacier.
Aerial view of St. Mary's glacier in April
Hike of 09/28/2020
The summer of 2020 was very
hot.  There was a record 75
days of 90 or better.  The
glacier melted into two pieces.
View from near the bottom of
the largest part left of the
On the largest half of the
glacier.  There was a 30 mph
wind at about 35 degrees.
The other half had a continues
stream from melting
The other half of the glaciers
altitude was above treeline at
Roots from trees were exposed under the
melting glacier.  The treeline must at some
time been higher than 12,000'
.  The weather
also had to have been warmer to grow trees
at this altitude prior to the cold weather that
created the glacier.
The trail went through
Bristlecone Pine
The trail went through
bushes with autumn colors.
The lake was a beautiful
The lake was a beautiful