Pikes Peak Hike 06/04/13
The trail from the base of Pikes Peak to the summit is Barr Trail.  It is
12 miles and 7300 vertical feet.  This hike only went to the top of the
abandoned Cogg Railway trail at 3.86 miles from the trailhead.
The trailhead of Barr Trail.  The
goes to the summit of Pikes
Peak from Manitou Springs.
View of Manitou Springs from
400 vertical feet up the trail.  
Near the false summit where the
abandoned Cogg Railway meets
Barr Trail.
Warning at the trailhead of Barr
Boulders crossing the trail
creating a tunnel.
The summit of Pikes Peak. (large)
The abandoned Cogg Railway
trail.  (large)
Typical portion of the trail.
Panoramic of Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods. (large)
To the north is where the fire of
2012 burned over 500 homes in
Colorado Springs. (large)