Mount Evans Wilderness
The Mount Evan's Wilderness has 74,400 acres with 12 peaks.  It is
located just south of Idaho Springs.
The Mt. Evans hike takes you to the
top of Mt. Evans from Summit Lake.  
The summit is over 14,000 feet
The Mt. Goliath hike is in an area
of  Bristlecone Pine, the oldest
living organism on earth.
Lincoln Lake hike.  Trailhead #57
takes you through a beautiful
burned area to the lake.
Beartrack Lakes Hike, TR 43, had to
be abandoned at the halfway point
because of the weather.  It is 5.5
miles one way to Beartrack Lakes.  
This hike is east of Mt. Evans and is
accessed by way of Evergreen.
The hike to Chicago Lakes is
listed as TR52 on the map.  
There are two hikes, one to the
lakes and the other continues
on to Summit Lake.
The Chicago/Summit Lake Cliff hike
goes from Echo Lake to Summit
 Also the Summit Lake Cliff
Hike goes from Summit Lake to
Upper Chicago Lake and back.  
include climbing this cliff.
Mt Bierstadt summit hike was
attempted twice.  On trail 711 from
the west we succeeded.  This is a
photo of the "Sawtooth" which led
to our abort the first time we tried.
Hells Hole Hike is trail 53.  It is a 4.5
mile one way or 9 mile rountrip hike
of Krummholz, aspens and a scenic
valley full of beavers and marmots.
Silver Lake hike is trail #79.  It
goes to three lakes, Naylor,
Silver Dollar and Murray Lakes.
The Mt. Epaulet hike gives a great view of Mt Evans and Mt Bierstadt.
Gray Wolf Mountain hike was aborted due to
weather and distance.  The mountain is located
west of the Chicago Lakes.  This view is from the
ridge north of Gray Wolf Mt. and includes Mt
Evans as well as Lower Chicago Lake.
Chief Mountain Hikes are both in the winter and
summer.  The summit is a perfect spot for a photo
of the Continental Divide mountains.
The Rosalie Peak hike gives a view looking west
at Squaretop Mt, Mt Bierstadt, the Sawtooth, Mt
Epaulet, and Mt Evans.
The Squaretop Mt hike has
this fantastic view to the
east of Mt Evans and Mt
The Shelf Lake hike goes into an
immense wildflower valley.
The Summit Lake
to the Perch
includes this Vista.