Loveland Pass is the route used before Eisenhower Tunnel was
built.  It is the most scenic pass in the Denver area.  There are a
number of hikes from the pass and near the Eisenhower Tunnel.
The Loveland Pass Ridge hike
follows the Continental Divide
The Mt. Sniktau hike gives a
great view of Eisenhower Tunnel.

This is a view of the east side of
the tunnel.
The Grizzly Peak hike is the most
scenic and difficult hike at the pass.
The Citadel Peak hike only had a
formal trail only half the way.  It is a
formidable hike of 5.53 miles
roundtrip with a vertical climb of
2,079 feet.  This hike stopped 578
feet short of the summit.
The Grizzly Gulch hike was a search
for wildflowers but we were too
The Leavenworth Road Drive is not
a hike but a drive up the 4 wheel
drive road.  This is the view at the
end of the road which is of Stevens
Gulch and Grays Peak.
The Eisenhower Tunnel Hike goes
up to the ridge over the tunnel.  
This is a view
of the west side of
the tunnel