Lost Creek Wilderness Hikes
There are many hikes in the 25 mile by 10 mile area.  The south 1/4 of
Lost Creek Wilderness has been burned out by the Hayman Fire of
2002.  The entire area is full of very large boulders and is quite scenic.
Number 612, the Goose Creek
Hike, goes to a canyon with very
large boulders for walls.
The Brookside Trail, #607, was
basically all in forest.  We
followed the trail for 5.1 miles
from the trailhead.  It went from
8127 feet to 9888 feet in altitude
for a vertical rise of 1761 feet.
The Kenosha Pass hike was on the
Colorado Trail.  This area has many
Aspen trees.
The hike to Cheeseman
Reservoir is near but not in the
Lost Creek Wilderness.  Most of
the water drains from the Lost
Creek Wilderness to
Cheeseman Reservoir.
Cheesman Canyon is a hike
along the South Platte River to
Cheesman Dam.  It is a canyon
full of boulders and very scenic.
The Harmonica Arch Hike
includes the largest natural
span arch in Colorado.
The Wigwam hike (number 609) is
along the Wigwam Creek.  It ends
at a huge beaver dam. (large)
The Ben Tyler hike (number 606)
is along Rock Creek.  This hike
is from the south end of the
trail. (large)
Number 663, the Rolling Creek
Hike, goes up a valley with scenic
rock outcroppings.
Cheesman Mountain hike gives a
view of Cheesman Reservoir from
the highest point in the area.