James Peak Wilderness & Moffat Tunnel Area Hikes
The Moffat Tunnel is located in the James Peak Wilderness just
south of Indian Peak Wilderness.  The Moffat Tunnel is a 6.2 mile
tunnel built for the railroad.  It goes under the Continental Divide.
One of the Crater Lakes in the
Crater Lakes Hike.
The Forest Lake hike was during
the peak of the fall colors.
The James Peak Hike was done
during the peak of fall color.  
This is a view of four lakes from
the hike.
The Rogers Pass hike goes past
Rogers Peak Lake and Haystack
The Rollins Pass Road hike
included walking over 100 year
old train trestles.
The South Boulder Creek trail
hike was abandoned due to high
snow.  This hike was done later
on the Rogers Pass Hike.
The Mt. Bancroft Hike goes to four
lakes near the mountain.  The
wildflowers were at their peak.
The James Peak Lake hike goes
into the valley on the east side
of James Peak.
The 6.2 mile  Moffat Tunnel goes
under Crater Lake.
The Ice Lake Hike goes past all
five lakes between James Peak
and Mt. Bancroft.
The Fall River Lakes Hike
includes four lakes.
The Hassel Lake Hike has hikes
from three seasons.
The Lake Caroline Hike is by
Mt. Bancroft.
Bill Moore Lake accessed by 4
wheel only.
The Little Echo Lake hike is near
James Peak Lake and James
The Butler Gulch hike is a scenic
wildflower hike during July.
The James Peak/Loch Lomond/St. Mary's
Glacier area.
The St Mary's Glacier hike was at
the end of SUmmer--August 30th
The glacier manages to survive
every summer.