Indian Peaks Wilderness
The Indian Peaks Wilderness includes the area from the Rocky
Mountain National Park to Winter Park.  It is 76,700 acres in size.  There
are 7 peaks over 13,000 feet.  There is 35% of it above the timberline of
11,000 feet.  It is an area of spectacular scenery.  There are 9 valleys on
the east side of the Continental Divide.
The Megahike is one of the most
scenic hikes in all of Colorado.  It
is a 17 mile hike.
The Rollins Pass Hike on High
Lonesome trail, a Continental
Divide hike.  This is King Lake
from the trail.
Arapaho Glacier hike goes to
view the largest glacier in Indian
Peaks Wilderness.
The Blue Lake Hike includes
many lakes.  It is located in the
middle valley of three valleys in
the Brainard Lake Recreational
The Devil's Thumb above Devil's
Thumb Lake on the hike with the
same name.
Diamond Lake Loop Hike is a 13.9
mile loop hike including the
Diamond Lake Trail.
The Isabelle Glacier Hike went to
Brainard, Long Lake and Isabelle
Lakes then on to the face of the
The Dorothy Lake hike on
Arapaho Trail.
Isabelle Glacier lake on the
Isabelle Glacier Trail.
Lake Xanadu hike goes to the
site of an airplane crash
Middle Diamond Lake hike has
fantastic scenery.
Twice we tried to hike Shoshoni
Peak.  The 2nd time we came
close and the view was fantastic.
The Caribou Pass hike goes on a
cliff with a spectacular view.
The Woodland Lake hike takes
you to the Skyscraper Reservoir.
The Mt Toll hike was stopped
due to high winds.   The lake is
Isabelle Lake.
The Diamond Lake Hike includes
spring deep snow as well as this
fall view of Diamond Lake.
Indian Peak Wilderness from a bird's eye view
The Pawnee Peak hike had
perfect fall conditions.
  The fall
colors were at their peak