Continental Divide Trail Album
The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) is a national trail that goes from
Canada to Mexico.  It follows the Continental Divide.  These are some
of the individual hikes on this trail.  
The Herman Gulch - Lake hike
goes to Herman Lake and the
Herman Gulch - CDT hike goes
north on the CDT.
Stanley Mountain hike goes to the
east from the Henderson CDT access
trail to the summit of Stanley
The Rollins Pass hike starts
near Corona Lake.
The Berthoud Pass West trail goes
from Berthoud Pass to Stanley
The 5 mile James Peak hike
goes from Loch Lomond Lake to
the summit of James Peak.
The Berthoud Pass East trail goes
from Berthoud Pass to Mt Flora.
Panoramic from the Berthoud Pass East Hike Continental Divide Trail.
The Vasquez Peak Hike starts
west of Vasquez Peak from
Jones Pass Road.
Mt Nystrom Trail hike goes to the
west from the Henderson CDT
access trail for 4.5 miles.  It passes
through a Krummholz area.  The
trail goes to Jones Pass in 6 miles.
A mile from the Henderson CDT
access trailhead this sign marks
the intersection of the CDT.  This
sign was no longer there on
The Jones Pass South CDT trail
hike goes to near Pettingell Peak.
The Webster Pass  4 Wheel Drive
crosses the Continental Divide
near Keystone Ski Resort.
These are two hikes from Henderson Mine that go on the CDT.
These are 4 Wheel Drives that are part of the CDT.
The Montezuma 4WD goes to
Morgan Peak with this view of
Peru Creek Valley north of
Grays Peak.
The Webster Pass 4WD from
the town of Webster to
Montezuma is part of the CDT.
The Argentine Pass Trail hike is
south of Grays Peak.  The
valley is Peru Creek Valley.
The Berthoud Pass to Henderson
Mine hike includes 7 people
hiking the entire CDT from
Mexico to Canada.  See CDT
hikers also.
The Second Creek Hike has a
wildflower field of Paintbrush.  
The trail is north of Berthoud