4 Wheel Drive Album
Webster Pass drive is on a mountain colored red with streams
rusty colored.  It is a drive of many unusual nature made, very
scenic sights.
The Leavenworth Road drive goes
past many mines as well as to a high
vista overlook of two 14er mountains.
There are miles of roads that connected the mines
during gold prospecting times.  These roads for the most
part have very little maintenance.  These roads are only
passable with 4 WD high clearance vehicles.
On the Montezuma drive--the view of Greys and
Tories Peaks from Morgan Peak.
The North Cone Mountain drive is through Kenosha
Pass during its peak fall colors.
The Bill Moore Lake drive has the most impassable
road attempted to an almost unaccessable lake.
The Rollins Pass Road was once a railroad bed
for traversing
the Continental divide.  It was
replaced by the 6 mile Moffat Tunnel.