Mt. Sniktau Hike 8/9/07
This was a hike entirely above the treeline.  It started at 11,990 feet
and went to 13,256 for a vertical rise of 1266 feet.  It was 4.52 miles
The trailhead was th the top of
Loveland Pass.
View to the East at the midpoint
of the hike.
View from the top to the South.
Arapahoe Ski Resort to
the South of Mt. Sniktau.
Our goal, the top of Mt. Sniktau.
View at the top of the mountain
looking West.
View to the West with
Eisenhower Tunnel and I70.
A Pika.  It is a very skittish
high altitude rabbit.
Panoramic from the summit of Mt. Sniktau.
Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort.