Leavenworth Road Drive
This is a drive up Leavenworth Road from Guanella Pass to the end of the
road at the vista overlooking Stevens Gulch.   The road is a 4 wheel drive
road that is un-maintained.  It was a 20 mile roundtrip drive.
To the south is Mt. Evans on the
left, the Sawtooth and Mt
Bierstadt on the right.
Panoramic of Stevens Gulch from vista at the
end of Leavenworth Road.  
Looking north as we skirt Ganley
Mountain, 12,902 altitude.
Waldorf Mine with Mt Edwards.  
Pendleton Mountain is to the
north as we drive west.
After a short drive in the forest
we go above treeline.
Argentine Pass with Argentine
Mountain on the left and Mt
Edwards on the right.
Looking south at the valley we
just left.
Looking north with the final
destination in sight.
Stevens Gulch view from the end
of the road vista.
McClellan Mountain is covered with wildflowers.
Looking south from McClellan
Stevens Gulch view to the right
from the vista.
To the left are two mountains,
Grays and Torries.
Grays Peak on the left is 14,270,
and Torries is 14,267.
We start back.
Panoramic of the road and view
to the south.
Enjoying the cool view at 50