Grizzly Gulch Hike 07/15/2014
This was a wildflower hike to Grizzly Gulch.  It was too early in the
season.  It was 2.6 miles roundtrip with a vertical rise of 330 feet.
The start of the hike at an
abandoned house.
We start hiking the east side of
the stream and soon we came to
an abandoned mine.
The road went on the west side
of the stream but the stream
was too high to cross.
A deer is suprised by two hikers.
The mine shaft had a stream
coming from it.
Joanne finds a deer
trail to follow on the
east side of the stream.
At about 1.5 miles we come to
Grizzly Gulch and a view of
Torreys Peak.
Joanne adds to the beauty of
Torreys Peak.
We start back.  Joanne crossing
the stream coming from the