Eisenhower Tunnel Hike 06/16/2015 & 6/22/2016
In 2015 there was too much snow and the weather turned bad.  We were unable to
reach the ridge line.  In 2016 we made it up to the ridgeline.  It was a 4.7 mile roundtrip
hike with a vertical climb of 1,493 vertical feet.  There is a nice trail to the top but it takes
until July for it to be snow free.
Our destination is the top of the
ridge over Eisenhower tunnel.
The valley to the north still has
allot of snow on June 16th.
From above the trailhead at the
west side of Eisenhower Tunnel.
We are watched by a Pika.
Panoramic of the valley to the
north from near the trailhead.
Panoramic to the west and north
as we start up the ridge
Eisenhower Tunnel.
Coon Hill at 12,757 feet is the
highest in the valley.
The view to the north as we
head back.
The view to the east from the
valley.  The valley and mountain
sides had too much snow on
June 16, 2015.
The trailhead is at the west side of the Eisenhower
tunnel and the destination is the ridge over the tunnel.
The valley to the north.
The wildflowers are everywhere
as we reach the ridge.  The
windswept ridge cleared of
snow early allowing the
wildflowers to flourish first.
The ridge is actually flat.
Photos from 2016.
Photos from 2015.
Looking east , a panoramic of
the Loveland Ski area.
The ridge is actually part of the
Loveland Ski resort.
On the ridge looking west.
We start back on the well defined
snow free trail.
The field of wildflowers is
massive as we look west.
The trail is partially snow covered
until July.  On June 22nd the
lower portion was under snow.
is far easier to use the trail.
We lose the trail on the far north
portion because of snow cover.
The streams are full from the
runoff from the snow melt.
As we got higher the flowers
were out of the snow.
The view to the west.
The trail zig-zags going north then south.
The trail is 3 miles one-way to the
top of the ridge line from the
Looking west is an un-named
mountain next to Coon Hill.
The following 7 photos are included to help find the trail.
The trail shows up clearly on
Google Earth.