The Citadel Peak Hike 09/18/2012
This 5.5 mile roundtrip hike of 2,079 vertical feet did not make it to the
summit of The Citadel.  This peak had a formal trail only half the way on Dry
Gulch Trail.  The peak is located north of Loveland Pass near Mt. Bethal.
The Citadel is a formidable
climb with an elevation of
13,294 feet.
Herman Gulch to the east of
The Citadel.
The view to the south of the
The valley was at the peak of
Fall colors.
The summit of The Citadel
requires advanced climbing.
Mt Bethal is south of The
Citadel.  It has a snow fence on
the west slope that everyone
wonders about.
The Citadel from Mt. Sniktau.