Harmonica Arch Hike 11/18/08
This 5.9 mile roundtrip hike started from the Goose Creek
Trailhead.  It diverted off that trail at about the 1 mile marker.  It was
a 771 vertical feet hike to 9031 feet altitude.  The destination was
the Harmonica Arch which is the largest natural span in Colorado.
The hike starts in the Hayman
Fire area.  This is only for a
quarter mile and then the hike is
in Pine trees and canyons
The Dome boulder from the
The view to the north from the
View of Pikes Peak to the south
from in front of the Arch with the
Pinnacle to the right
View from the south of the
Harmonica Arch and the Pinnacle
The Balancing Rock located on
the Dome boulder.
Our destination, the Harmonica
View to the north from the center
of the Dome
The Harmonica Arch--note the hiker on the top.
The view from the top of  the Dome
The Goose Creek Trailhead
The Balancing Rock located on
the Dome boulder is about 10'
The trail crosses Goose Creek