Cheesman Canyon Hike 10/24/08
This 8.3 mile roundtrip hike followed the South Platte River to
Cheesman Dam.  The elevation change from the river was 64 feet
over 4.2 miles.  This hike is along a canyon wall above the river.
There were many boulders on
the hike--in the river.
They hung over the trail.
Some boulders even grew trees.
The river is perfect for trout.
The boulders blocked the trail.
Cheesman Canyon on April 4, 2013.  
The boulders created a very
scenic canyon.
And there were many fishermen
after the fish.
The Canyon and it's boulders!
A rainbow trout from 500 feet.
More fishermen after the fish.
The boulders were
Check this out--a tree growing
from a rock!
Cheesman Canyon on March 31, 2015
Joanne checking the
stability of a boulder.
Cheesman Canyon
The trail is along the canyon wall
There are many fishermen
There are a few geese
Panoramic of the canyon
The trout were easy to spot!
Map of the canyon
The rapids created holes
in the rocks
Typical canyon view
Cheesman Canyon on July 15, 2016
A Bull snake climbing a tree.
A boulder threatens the
Two hikers check out the
river which soon joins the   
South Platte River
Two lovers check out the river.