4WD Rollins Pass Road 8/10/2017
This road was originally the route for the railroad to go over Rollins
Pass.  The route was replaced by the Moffat Tunnel.  The drive on
the road is 12 miles with another 2.3 miles hike to get to Rollins
Pass.  The 12 mile road is 4WD only all the way.
As we started the drive we
encounter a deer who ran
staight at us.
Needles Eye Tunnel.  Each end of
the tunnel is barricaded as it is not
The trail goes above the tunnel
passing three stone shelters
built above Needles Eye Tunnel.
Along the road by Yankee Doodle
Lake is an abandoned mine still
with snow.
Jenny Lake from Rollins Pass Road.
Yankee Doodle Lake from
Needles Eye Tunnel.
The road speed for 12 miles was
4-7 mph.
The view as we got back on the
The view of the valley as we start
the drive.
There are numerous cuts to pass
There are numerous dips to pass
At about the half way we reach a
cut and start into a valley.
Yankee Doodle Lake with a
Fireweed foreground.
The lake is at about the 9 mile
There are many wildflowers along
the road.
Soon the road turns to go
much higher.
We have a Marmot encounter.
We have to park as we come to
a blocked road.  We are now 2.3
miles from Rollins Pass.
This blocks the road for all
vehicles.  This is 12 miles from
the Moffut Tunnel start.
The sign already warns about
Needles Tunnel.
The unpassable road.  We must
now hike the 2.3 miles to Rollins
Panoramic of Jenny Lake from
between the blocked pass and the
Needles Eye Tunnel from Rollins
Pass Road.
Soon we come to another
blocked pass.
The pass is met by a trestle
bridge on the west side.
Now we need to cross a very old
railroad bridge.
Soon there is a 2nd railroad
The view as we approach Rollins Pass.
Rollins Pass at 11,698' and 2,463
verticle feet from Moffat Tunnel.
The view to the northeast from
Rollins Pass
The start of Rollins Pass Road
from Rollins Pass.
As start back we notice dark
clouds forming over South
Arapaho Peak.
The view to the north.
In 14 minutes South Arapaho
Peak is disappearing with the fast
moving storm.
With over 2 miles to go we are
in rain, lightening and thunder
by the time we get to the
King Lake with the two railroad
trestles on the side of the