Megahike Album 08/25/2010
This hike of 17.23 miles went from Brainerd Lake (10,616') to Pawnee Pass
(12,572') to Crater Lake (10,433') to Monarch Lake (8,379').  A vertical
change of over 4000'.
The start of the hike at Brainerd
View looking at Pawnee Pass from
near Pawnee Lake.
Pawnee Lake from Pawshoni Peak just south of Pawnee Pass.
A few miles toward Monarch Lake we pass Cascade Falls.
At the top of Pawnee Pass.
At Pawnee Lake looking south
from the lake outlet.
On the west side of Lone
Eagle Peak is Crater Lake.
Monarch Lake, the end of the 17 mile hike.
View is looking at the valley we came from.
Looking west from the top of
Pawnee Pass.
Two hundred feet down
the Pawnee Trail looking
back to  Pawnee Pass.
At Crater Lake looking east.
One of many water crossings
as we depart for Monarch Lake.
The valley to the north as we
go up to Pawnee Pass.
Pawnee Lake valley.
The start of the hike down to
Pawnee Lake from Pawnee Pass.
A hundred feet down from
the pass a look to the
The trail starting down
from the pass.
The deserted cabin on the
west side of Crater Lake.
Looking back to the east as we
leave Lone Eagle Peak.
2.6 miles into the hike we cross a
stream surrounded by wildflowers.
At 3.4 miles we take the trail to the
right for Pawnee Pass.
A hundred feet down from
the pass a view to the
south and the trail down.
We approach from the north side, Mirror Lake with Lone Eagle Peak.
We come to Crater Lake trail
going south.
Our first view of Lone Eagle Peak.
Map of the hike.