Isabelle Glacier Hike 7/24/2009 & 8/20/2012
The Isabelle Glacier trail is in the Brainerd Lake Recreational Area.  It is a 9 mile
roundtrip hike with a vertical assent of 1452 feet.  This hike was done on two
different times as the first time we did not reach the glacier.  The second
slideshow is the last half of the hike to the Isabelle Glacier done in 2012.
The trailhead is near Brainerd
The lakes were all very blue.  
This is Long Lake.
Isabelle Lake looking west.
One of many un-named ponds in
the Brainard Lakes Recreational
South St. Vrain Creek and Long
Upper Falls on South St. Vrain
View with wildflowers.
A panoramic photo of the lake formed
below the Isabelle Glacier.
A Ptarmigan encounter-2nd hike.
Isabelle Lake looking west.
Red Rock Lake in Brainerd Lake Rec area.
Half way to the glacier.
Isabelle Lake looking west.
Upper Falls on the second hike
in 2012.  The next photos are
from the 2nd hike.
Isabelle Lake is drained in August
of every year.
The last ridge to climb before
Isabelle Glacier Lake
The lake formed below Isabelle
Isabelle Glacier