Garden of the Gods Palmer Trail Hike Album
The Palmer Trail hike trailhead is at the parking lot on point 1 of the map.  It
is one of the most scenic hikes in the foothills.  It is a 2.1 mile circular hike.
The entrance into Garden of the
Gods Park.
In a short distance you come to
the best view of the park from
the Palmer Trail.
The rock formation called Three
Graces is on the left.
Balancing Rock.  Everyone tries
to push it over.
Garden of the Gods Visitor
The cliffs are well over 100'
The "Trading Post".  Probably the
best souveneir shop on earth.
Panoramic photo from the park Visitor Center.
Park map of the trails
around the main rock
Panoramic photo from the Palmer Trail.
Near the trailhead of the  Palmer
Trail.  Point 1 on the map.
Joanne at one of the most scenic
points on the trail.
The trail continues through
scrub oak bushes.
Pikes Peak from about the halfway
point on the trail looking west.
We cross the road and pick up a
cement walkway.   West view.
Panoramic from the walkway
looking to the east.
The walkway goes by the most prominent rock formations.
A plaque placed by the pioneers
who first owned the park.
There are always climbers at
the park.
Near the end of the hike the rock
formation called White Rock.
Looking back from near the
as we end the hike.
Panoramic of the Balancing Rock.
Panoramic near the end of the
View as we approach the road
crossing near point 7 on the map.
Pikes Peak from the Visitor
A popular place on June 2, 2019.