Palmer Lake Reservoir Hike 04/12/2016
Palmer Lake Reservoir is located just west of Monument and the city of
Palmer Lake.  The roundtrip hike is 4 miles with a vertical change of 640
feet.  There are two dams and two lakes which make up the reservoir.
The loop trail is to the right of
this boulder with the tree
growing out of it
We come to a split in the trail.  
Both trails take you to the west
end of the Upper Reservoir.
A weather station is between the
Lower and Upper Reservoirs.
The trail follows Monument Creek all the way to the reservoir.
The parking lot.
Near the dam of the Lower
Reservoir the fisherman have
come to try their luck.
Another trail splits off the main
trail to go to the Ice Cave Creek
but we continue on the main trail
We come out at the split where
we took the left trail and start
back downhill.
The trailhead for the Palmer Lake
Reservoir hike.
We come to the first dam and
Lower Reservoir.
The Lower Reservoir.
From the west side of the Lower
We come to the second dam
the Upper Reservoir.
Looking west at the Upper
We take the loop trail to the
north which takes us into the
Panoramic of the first dam.
We arrive back at the trailhead
for the Palmer Lake Reservoir
, four miles later.
The Upper Reservoir looking
east towards the dam.
A fisherman has taken a position
on the
first dam.
The left trail goes directly to the
west side of the Upper Reservoir
and the furthest we go to the west.
The trail is very easy going back
to the trailhead.
The loop trail is mostly in the
forest with many new trees of