Lookout Mountain Hike
This is a frequent winter hike.  It is a roundtrip hike of 7.6 miles to the
top of Lookout mountain.  It has a vertical assent of 1005 feet to 7384
feet at the top.  Buffalo Bill is buried at the top of the mountain.
Typical trail going up the
View to the west of the
Continental Divide.
Buffalo Bills grave at the top
of the mountain.
Trails facing north still had snow.
The date was March 7.
View of Coors Brewery at the
start of the hike.
Lunch time at the Restaurant at
the top of the mountain.
Grave plaque on Buffalo Bills
Elk herd on the South side of
Lookout Mountain.
Panoramic of Golden from Lookout Mt.  (large)
Golden from Lookout Mt in the
wet spring of 2015.  (large)
Lookout Mountain
The canyon to the west of
Lookout Mountain.  (large)
Paragliders are frequently visible
over Lookout Mt. (large)