Goat Mountain Hike 12/4/07
This was a 8 mile roundtrip hike from 5947 feet to 7819 for a vertical
rise of 1872 feet.  Goat Mountain has 3 false peaks which have to be
hiked first to reach the peak of Goat Mountain.  It is like climbing 4
mountains.  This hike was really a grueling hike.  It had a total ascent
of 3300 vertical feet.
The four peaks we must climb to
get to the summit of Goat Mt.
View to the northeast.
View to the northwest.
A look back from the top of Goat
Mountain at the 3 false peaks
needed to be climbed to get to
the top.
View to the northwest and Platte
River in Waterton Canyon.
One of the rock obstacles
we had to bypass.
At the top of Goat Mountain.