Foothill Park Hikes
The Foothill Parks are mostly Jefferson County parks.  The county
has very well developed and maintained parks.  They are in many
ways as great as a mount
ain hike.
Beaver Brook Hike is a 9 mile
one-way hike.  It is the most
scenic foothill hike.
Deer Creek Canyon Park is
everyones choice for a close to
Denver hike.
Matthew Park is located next to
Red Rocks Park.  It is a easy hike
to some scenic red rock bluffs.
Apex Park is near Heritage
Square in Golden.  Apex Trail
follows a gully to the summit of
Lookout Mt.  Other trails take you
to the summit of Indian Mountain.
Centennial Cone Park hike is a
easy scenic hike with little
vertical climb.
Lair o' the Bear Park view of Mt.
Evans from Pinnacle Peak.
Forgotten Valley with a pioneer
cabin at Golden Gate Canyon
State Park.
The Trading Post hike in Red
Rocks Park is a scenic short
The newest park is Clear Creek Canyon Park.  It
features a 3.8 mile sidewalk which follows Clear
Creek in a spectacular canyon setting.
The Mt Falcon hike has a
lookout over Denver that is
A great winter hike is Spruce
The view of Evergreen on the
Three Sisters hike.
Mt Galbraith is a great
wildflower hike in the spring.