Hike Animals Album
Photo's of animals encountered on hikes.
A herd of Elk near Roxborough
State park.
Ptarmigan in summer coat found
at Berthoud Pass.
A Bull Elk in June.
Mountain Goats
This is a high altitude rabbit called
a Pika.  It survives only above
10,000 feet altitude.
A Rocky Mountain Bighorn
Sheep. (female)
Marmot found at Herman
Lake at 12,000 feet altitude.
Scarlet Snake found on South
Boulder Peak hike.
Six Rocky Mountain Bighorn
Sheep (all male).
A well fed Coyote.
Mule Deer eating the blossum of
a Yucca plant
The Clarks Nutcracker feeds
upside down.
There is a Praire Dog in this field
of wildflowers.
A moose coming down the trail as  
the photographer stands in his
path taking a photo.
Panoramic of a herd of Elk in RMNP
A Rocky Mountain Bighorn
Sheep. (male)
A Ptarmigan in the winter found
at Slater Lake on 10/30/2014.
A perfect pose by a
rattlesnake encountered in
Centennial Cone Park.
A large rack- a 10 point
Mule buck in Ken Caryl.
Bull snakes do climb trees.
The wind catches last winters
wool of a mountain goat.
A Stellars Jay, native of the
western mountain ranges.
Three Yellow Bellied Marmots
caught naping.
Photos of animal attack in the
backyard on 10/31/2017.
A coyote with mange catches a
cat and proceeds to have a
meal of it.
The remains of the victim.
The predator slinks away.
A Clarks Nutcracker