Webster Pass 4WD 08/29/2016
This was a 4 Wheel Drive from Webster to Keystone Ski Resort over
Webster Pass.  The colors in these photos are all untouched and the
true natural color.
The road at times was
enveloped in trees.
Soon we come to another rust
colored stream.
To keep up with the unusual scenes is a
mine that grows moss and has a stream
flowing from it.
The beginning of the 4 wheel drive
road is on Handcart Gulch Road.
This stream near the road has
created levels with pine needles.
Soon we come to another part of
the stream that flows rusty.
A little further up the road we
come to a gigantic pile of mine
Nature has put together a
multi-level many ponds stream.
Soon we are going above treeline
and the road gets narrower.
The road is cut into a cliff.
The sign warns that there is no
room for turning around.
Red Cone mountain is really red.
The road is very narrow.
Panoramic looking ahead and back.
Panoramic to the south as we
approach Webster Pass.
We reach the Continental Divide
at Webster Pass.
The view to the north at Webster
A dropoff in the road takes the FJ
to only 3 wheels on the ground.
The road takes us to the valley.
There are numerous water
crossing.  This was the
We enter Montezuma east of
Keystone Ski Resort to end the
4 wheel drive road.