Montezuma 4WD 10/14/2016
This was a 4 Wheel Drive from Montezuma to Santa Fe Peak.  Due to
snow we went north to Morgan Peak at altitude 12,473.  This is just
east of Keystone Ski Resort.
The view from Morgan Peak includes Tories and Grays Peaks.
The view to the east is Peru
Creek Valley
The Air Force passed over us.
The destination is changed to
Morgan Peak.
Soon we were at the summit of
Morgan Peak with a fantastic view.
The road became snow covered so
we parked at Allam Emory Mine.
The view to the west includes
Bear Mountain on the right.
The summit of Santa Fe Peak is
snow covered.
The view to the north includes
ays & Tories Peaks.
Peru Creek Valley to the east has
many mines and no people
Panoramic to the west.  Keystone Mountain is the
mountain on the right.
We start back.
At times not all wheels were on
the ground.
The view to the south is of Santa
Fe Peak.
The view of Sante Fe Peak from
We pass Arapaho Basin Ski
Resort on the way home.