Eldorado Canyon State Park
The park is located South of Boulder. Besides showing the scenic
beauty of this park this covers three hiking trails and a rescue of a
rock climber.  There is a 4th hiking trail of Eldorado State Park
located under "Boulder Hikes" named "Walkers Ranch".
Entrance into Eldorado Canyon
State Park.
The start of Rattlesnake
Gulch Trail.
View to the west
The canyon wall along the trail
A sculpture of a rattlesnake is
soon encountered.
The hike goes mostly up
View to the west from the
halfway point.
A rock climber has fallen and a
rescue is launched.
There are always climbers at
Elderado Canyon.
Panoramic of the entrance of the park from Rattlesnake
Gulch Trail.  (large)
South Arapaho Peak from
the trail
Rattlesnake Gulch Trail  3 miles
roundtrip, 673 vertical feet
Fowler Trail 1.3 miles one way,
115 vertical feet
The start of Fowler Trail.
The canyon entrance
How many climbers on
these cliffs?  3
Another climber
A close-up of a climber on
the cliff
The South Boulder River is
high with spring runoff
The short hike goes into a
narrow canyon
View to the north of Fowler trail
The bridge at the far point of
Eldorado Canyon Trail hike
The start of the Eldorado
Canyon Trail.
The narrow opening
created quite a rapids.
Eldorado Canyon Trail, 3.9 miles one
way, 1007 vertical feet
Rescuing a rock climber
A rescuers first have to put on
about 100 lb in gear.
The rescuers move very fast to
where the fallen climber is
It is quite amazing how fast
they go.
There are two climbers in this photo.  The photo on the right is
a closeup.
Map of the east side of
the park
The view is always great
South Boulder Creek
in the canyon
South Boulder
Creek in the canyon
The trail cuts through boulders
Looking down river from the
Looking up river from the bridge
Map of the entire Elderado
Canyon State Park
The canyon entrance