Staunton State Park Album
Staunton Park is located west of Denver near Pine Junction.  These
albums and PDF's cover hikes to the Elk Falls Overlook
, the Mason
Creek trail,  
and to the Davis Pond.
Park trail map.
Lions Head is the destination on
the Elk Falls Overlook.
Panoramic from the Elk Falls Overlook.
Park building near the SR
View from Elk Falls Overlook.
The "Staunton Rocks" formation.
Elk Falls Pond from the MP
Marmot Passage trail.
Typical view on the MP
Marmot Passage trail.
View of the valley to the
southeast from the MP trail.
View of the Elk Falls.
Rock formation from MP trail.
Elk Falls Pond looking west from
the dam
Staunton Park Entrance.  
The MC trail includes an old Mill.
From Davis Pond on the DP trail.
From Davis Pond lookiing north.
Davis Pond dam
Ranger house next to the dam
at Elk Falls Pond