Great Sand Dune NP
The Great Sand Dune NP is located in south central Colorado.  It is 85,000
acres of sand dunes.  The dunes are created by winds and runoff in the
spring.  It has 280,000 visitors a year.
The Great Sand Dune NP visitor Center.
The entrance to the park.
The park from a distance.
A panoramic of the dunes of the Great Sand Dunes NP.
Kids love the never ending sand pile.
Branches brought in by the
spring time melt.
The sand reflected the heat which
made it very hot to walk on the dunes.
In springtime the melting snow creates a river that
flows past the dunes.  This river usually  is dry by
August.  These photos were taken in July, 2015
The river is over 200 feet across but the deepest is 2". (large)
Older kids even love to play in
the sand
Joanne finds a dry island
A panoramic of the sand dune with it's disappearing river.  (large)
Note the log from the kids photo
when it was dry! (large)