Castlewood Canyon State Park
The small park is located east of Castle Rock.  The 2 mile trail is
excellent for a winter hike on a sunny day as it follows the north rim
and the trail is almost always in the sun.

A view of the canyon on the east
side of the park.
The halfway point on the hike.
An optical illusion.  Joanne is
actually standing straight--see
the tree also at the canyon rim.
Family having a picnic on a cliff
in the park.
The east side of the trail descends
to the canyon floor.  Wooden steps
help with the steep descent.
A tree growing out of a rock
over Cherry Creek.
The natural bridge the trail
uses to cross Cherry Creek.  
Note how smooth the rocks are
from the spring runoff currents.
The view the family sees of Pikes
Peak from their location on the rock.
The park entrance.
The park Visitor Center.
At the canyon floor the trail
takes us to the north side of
Cherry Creek.
Soon we come to a rest stop on
a rock
The canyon on March 19, 2017.
We leave the canyon floor.