Barr Lake State Park 09/02/2015
Barr Lake State Park is located just northeast of Denver near I76.  It
is a manmade reservoir that has evolved into a bird refuge.
Park entrance.
Most birds had gone north for
the hot part of summer.
At times the lake was a mirror.
You could see the fish along the
We start the Niedarch Trail.
There is one boat dock on the
Barr Lake panoramic. (large)
The dam creating the lake from
the northwest.
Boy Scout project built
There are also nature trails.
With Longs Peak in the background
many birds fish. (large)
A lone Pelican fishing on a very
hot day.
Park map.
The wood walkways allow close
access to the birds.
The lake level has dropped
exposing moss covered roots.
A section of the 8 mile walk
around the lake.
The visitor center at Barr Lake SP.
The visitor center at Barr Lake SP.
A lone Pelican fishing for a meal.